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Clutches - basket - set plate disk - ducati spare parts - carbon - electronics - upgrading kit

In our catalog you can find our many prizes Slipper clutch, wet and dry, disks and set plate disk.
basket in ergal obtained from the full and clutch covers.
Airbox: are manufactured in carbon fiber vacuum autoclaves. Compared with the original, they have a very low weight and an increased volumetric capacity, which increases engine performance. They can be installable without modifications.
We also have brackets Superlights interchangeable with the originals built in carbon fiber, weighing approximately 300 grams less than those in steel. No modification required for assembly.
High permeability air filters that increase engine breathing and its performance, the Ducati spare parts, forged pistons, upgrading kit and increased displacement and the electronic part with control units that replace the original Marelli 5.9 equipped with software with various options including quick change, auto mapping and diagnostics and Eprom dedicated heads on the test bench.